Dental Fun Facts
  1. A 5-year old horse head weighs 7 pounds more than a 15 year old horse head because of teeth size

  2. An adult horse has between 36 and 44 teeth. Most mares do not have canines and some horses do not have vestigial wolf teeth

  3. The horse’s lower jaw is 30% narrower than the upper jaw

  4. The upper molars are wider than the lower molars

  5. The average length of a 6-year old thoroughbred incisor (root and all) is 2.75 inches

  6. Molars in the upper jaw are 3-3.5 inches long. They erupt into the mouth and wear off at a rate of about 1/10 to 1/8 inch per year. Most teeth are worn away by 30 years of age.

  7. Some horses have wolf teeth and canine teeth, but dogs do not have horse teeth.

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