Napa Valley Vets: The Balance Of Lives
Napa Valley Vets—The Balance of Lives is the story of the makings of two veterinarians—from the classrooms of vet school into the back rooms of a small animal hospital and into the fields and horse stalls of a mobile practice in the fabled Napa Valley.

It portrays the commitment of two veterinarians to a continually evolving, challenging, heart wrenching career and the requisite compromise between profession and family. Part one depicts the balancing of early practice and family life, first patients, surgeries and emergencies. Part two shows the intimacy and compassion of small animal practice.

Part three is a collection of compelling cases involving all the species dealt with in a general practice. Part four centers on the horses of the Napa Valley and on the change in focus as this family grows up and moves on. Part five. "One adventure was ending, one lifetime of caring and giving, both to the practice of veterinary medicine in the Napa Valley, and to our family..."

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