Happy New Year to all. An update is in order, for sure. We are settled in at Cobb Lake Headquarters in Fort Collins, having planted another 100 trees or so. These irrigated pastures are amazing and other than the wind, the weather is pretty easy to handle. We’re used to the occasional subzero days followed by 50 degrees of melt. Mud season goes on, and on. We continue to practice with dental referrals and general practice as needed. We guest lecture in the Equine Science department at CSU with annual lab/lectures on equine dentistry in the fall and sometimes equine nutrition and/or hoof disease in the spring. We really enjoy the teaching aspect of our practice and the interest of the equine science students.

We ride more than ever, both in the Roosevelt National Forest around Red Feather Lakes as well as by pilgrimage to Pagosa Springs. Always feels good to go home to familiar trails in the San Juans. We continue to monitor and manage a number of dental cases in Pagosa for clients who will always be friends.

We welcome and adore grandson Jacob Latham who charms us on a pretty regular basis, and we’ve loved having granddaughter Laika down from Alaska to ride with us every summer. Lara and family moved to Michigan but we see them several times a year and Sam and Will continue to work on their riding skills. Dundee loves all the kids. He gets pretty quiet when it’s just the old folks at home until Jim gets out the buggy or the sleigh, or we head for the hills to ride.

We are beginning a hopefully Monthly feature—the North Forty Nicker. We’ll have interesting updates on topics important to horses, and interesting cases that illustrate issues of note. Let us know if these are useful to you and yours. Just look for our spokeshorse, Lilly.

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